Both men and women have been bestowed with special qualities, over which people can have good control. If you made up stronger mind regarding something, you don’t want to do then it becomes easy for you to go along with your decision. Same is the case with having platonic friends. When you make friendship with opposite sex, you need to set your mind first that you are not going to start new relationship for making love and obsession. You are doing this because you need to have company of a sincere friend to whom you can share your happiness and sorrow and which is based on purity and transparency. If you are interested to have platonic friend then keep some points into your mind.
When you are going to make friendship with someone, clear your minds first. You must tell your friend in the starting that you don’t want to be in love with him/her and you don’t want any sexual relation. You are doing this because a good friend always helps you through thick and thin. When you will make stronger minds of having pure and non-dating friendship, it would be easier for you to keep platonic friendship in long run. You will always remain happy with your relationship as well as other person would know about his/her limitations.
In order to have platonic friends, you should keep yourself away from any kind of intense physical contact. It’s very common to hug and kiss on cheeks, when you greet but holding hands and do hugging for long period are not good things to keep your platonic friendship safe. Try to avoid sexual topics and don’t discuss any kind of women’s issue with other person, if you are a girl. Same condition is applied for the men too.
It’s a natural fact that when you talk about sexual issues with opposite sex, a great sensation is generated inside the body, which forces the couple to have physical relations with each other. You can keep yourself away from this kind of fascination and obsession, if you will never talk about physical relations and will never reveal sexual topics in depth. Always treat your platonic friends generally. Don’t give them too much attention as you treat with your girlfriend or boyfriend. You shouldn’t go with them in special places, which are the right of your beloved. By doing this, you can keep your relationship in a way you want.
Whenever you will go outside in public areas, behave like you have purity in your relationship. You shouldn’t show that kind of behavior which can force the people to think differently about your relationship. If you will behave like good friends then no one would have any doubt regarding your relation with other person. When you will do suspicious act, it’s a natural fact that people would never convince on, you are just friends and not more than that. So always be careful while you are sitting in public area. People always have eyes onto relationship between a boy and girl. By following these points, you can successfully have platonic friends.
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