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Cheap Ways To Cool Your PC or Laptop

Created by tom 2010-08-11 10:43:46
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Cool your computer. Working long hours and processing information can be a problem even with the latest computers. The problem is temperature. Temperature can burn the processors or main board of your computer. Replacing it can be very expensive. Temperatures are also a problem for efficiency. They slow down the work. Sometimes computers have to be shut down to cool down. Here is how to cool down your computer.

Laptop computers: If you are working with laptop computers, you need to cool down the lower part of your computer. You can do this by working near windows. You can also set your laptop on cold surfaces. Rising your computer a few inches off the table, with some kind of support, will let air flow under it. This will cool down the system. You can also add a small fan under the support to increase cooling efficiency.

Liquid Cooling: Home computers, networks and systems
Liquid cooling is used for home networks systems and computers. The idea is simple. Water is used to cool down the temperatures of the different computer parts.

What you need: A cooling liquid tank and water blocks. Water Blocks are hardware used to draw heat from your computer and into the cooling liquid tank. You need one water block for each component you want to cool. You will also need a radiator for your cooling tank, a pump, and a PC case. Get all these things at your local hardware store or online. You will also need the tubes, of course.

Important: You will be using liquid cooling system in electrical environment, so be extremely cautious. This article is not responsible for readers constructions or safety. Liquid cooling is used by thousands and thousands of people around the world to cool down their systems. If you take responsibility for your own constructions, continue reading.

Step One: Connect the Water Blocks to the hardware you want to cool.

Step Two: Connect the tubes.

Step Three: Install the Radiator to your computer case.

Step Four: Install the cooling tank.

Step Five: Install the liquid pump, connect it to your case.

Step Six: Tube everything. (Follow the arrows of the flow)

Step Eight: Add the water.

Step Nine: Make sure there is no leaking. Turn the system on.

Liquid Cooling systems are very easy to install. They come with instructions, arrows, screws and directions. There is no special knowledge required. Keep your temperatures down and
keep your hardware safe.
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