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Chicken Coop Plans

Average money saved : $100.00
Created by nickclark 2009-10-29 22:30:01
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With so many people buying eggs, poultry and other chicken products I really wanted to get away from the farms using pesticides and other harmful chemicals. As well, I wanted to stop eating eggs that were produced in chicken camps where chickens were tortured and abused.

I wanted "free range" chickens and organic eggs. So I began to look for a way to build my own chicken coop - if only to house 1 or 2 chickens.

Well, I found it! I went to and got all the answers on chickens and coop building. They have a free archive section that has a number of free plans and other articles about what to feed chickens and how to care for them. All FREE!

When you go to the Chickens King site simply go to the archive section and use the search utility and you will find the chicken coop of your dreams!
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