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DIY Hologram: Augmented Reality

Created by tom 2010-08-25 16:35:40
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Holograms of today are taking over in a field called Augmented Reality. For those who do not know what augmented reality is - augmented reality is a virtual intervention of the real world. How does it work? Holographic augmented reality is a printed image. On paper it looks something like a square or a code. When it is picked up by cameras, web cams, mobile or others devices, it fires a 3D holographic animation. The result is breathtaking and fantastic. Some call it web 4 point 0. Augmented reality holograms are used for advertisements and presentations. However, you could use it pretty much for everything. From entertainment and art to architecture and engineering, augmented reality holograms are something worth keeping an eye on.

What you need: You need a computer, a web cam, some software and a lot of imagination.

About the software: To make holograms with augmented reality you need two software pieces. One to make the 3D image and the other to decode it. To make the 3D image, you can use any 3D rendering, such as 3D max or Google Sketch-up.

Google Sketch Up can be found at The plug-in to decode the hologram can be found at AR media -

Step One: First, check out what other people have been doing with the technology. Log in to any video website such as youtube and find augmented reality videos. They are easy to find and will show you just how much can be done with augmented reality. For example you could go to to see what others are doing.

Step Two: Download Google sketch up 7 at . It is free. You can also download a pro version, but you will have to pay for it. The link provided is for the free version. It works well if you are just starting out. Download and Install the program.

Step Three: Download AR media plug-in from Install the plug in.

Step four: Open Google Sketch up and start drawing or designing. When the software starts, it will show you resources for learning about it all. Additionally, the incredible building maker can be found at
You can draw, orbit the camera, download and search models, and animate the scene. The possibilities are truly dimensional.

You can also use different software to create your hologram. You can use 3D max, videos, images, websites.

Step Five: Once you have your design, visualize it with AR-media. 3D models can be visualized directly on your webcam by printing a suitable code called marker.

Step Six: How to see the hologram: Go to the AR media program folder and print a PDF file called marker. Once you have printed it out, you will be able to see your hologram in the webcam. Just click on the AR logo on Google sketch up, turn on your web cam and show the printer marker to the web cam. The marker can be transformed into QR codes or printed codes.

Step Seven: You can print QR codes on almost anything. QR holograms have been printed in magazines, T-shirts, business cards, presentations or on plain paper. A man in Tokyo printed a giant QR code on a building, so anything goes. From a website, an image, a video or complex designs, augmented reality holograms are breaking out from the virtual world.

The uses for Augmented reality holograms are vast. Print and publishing, virtual gaming, presentations, educational and medical applications, urban construction and engineering. This is a developing technology and innovations are still being developed. However, there is a lot to play with today in the world of augmented reality holograms.

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