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Five No-Money-To-Fork-Up Ways To Cure Bad Breath

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It’s difficult to know if you yourself have bad breath. Usually – and unfortunately too – other people will let you know if your halitosis is bad, worse or worst. Their proximity to you is a good gauge. The farther people are when they talk to you could indicate an extremely bad bad-breath.

Bad breath is mainly produced by odor-causing bacteria within the mouth. Do not forget that particular foods may also lead to bad breath. These include onion and garlic.

Improperly cleaning or brushing the teeth after meals result in bacteria being accumulated in the mouth and between the teeth. These thereby release sulfuric compounds which causes foul-smelling breath.

Eating tobacco and smoking are other causes of bad breath. Other reasons are throat infections, gum diseases and stomach disorders such as gastritis as well as intestinal worms.

Saliva is the natural mouthwash

Saliva assists in washing bacteria away. As much as possible, avoid medications which causes the mouth to dry up. A very dry mouth is the ideal environment for bacteria to thrive.
When the mouth is moist, saliva functions as a mouthwash which washes bacteria away and dissolve critical sulfur compounds.
For instance, morning breath comes from decreased saliva flow which occurs during sleep.
Also, alcohol consumption causes the mouth to dry. Try to drink water regularly as doing so increases the chances of the mouth to remain moist. Take note that breath mints similarly function by not only disguising bad mouth odor, it also helps in stimulating the flow of saliva.
Another way to stimulate the natural flow of saliva is by placing a drop of squeezed lemon onto the tip of your tongue. Chewing sugarless gum also helps the flow of saliva.

Clean your tongue

It is easy to disregard the value of oral health. Do not forget that one of the causes of odor are decaying food residue and bacteria present in the mouth.
While brushing the teeth and flossing is critical, make sure that you do not forget to clean the tongue.
The tongue needs to be brushed as much as the teeth in order to remove a lot more bacteria. Essentially, the tongue could be likened to a shaggy microscopic carpet where millions of filaments are present and which trap bacteria and small food particles.
The tongue could be cleaned either by a toothbrush, a spoon’s edge or an actual tongue cleaner. If you use oral devices such as a mouth guard, ensure that these be similarly cleaned prior to placing them in your mouth.

Go easy on the protein

Consuming protein-rich food such as steak has the ability to instantly cause mouth odor. Bacteria in the mouth becomes active metabolically within mere minutes after coming in contact with foods which are rich in protein.
Having a “ketone breath” or bad breath is a side effect when you regularly eat that tasty burger. If you are unable to brush your teeth immediately after eating, you could try masking the odor via chewing gum or mint candies. However, a long term and more effective solution would be to add carbs into your everyday diet.
You could also nibble on raw carrots. Eating salad will also remove protein from your teeth as well as tongue before bacteria could start feeding on it.

Don’t underestimate a salt-water gargle

Believe it or not, tonsils could be a cause of bad breath too. While tonsils could not be rinsed the way the mouth could, a gargle of salt and water each day for a minimum of thirty seconds will aid in keeping the number of bacteria present in the tonsils down.
Remember that tonsils catch food particles and bacteria. Do note that a salt water gargle is advisable after rinsing with a mouthwash. Doing so helps flush away all the nasty food stuff.
A tablespoon of quality salt combined with 6 oz. of lukewarm water helps keep your mouth fresh and feeling invigorated. As much as possible, repeat the salt water gargle two to three times each day.

Use Baking Soda as a Toothpaste

Baking soda is an amazing remedy for halitosis since it has the ability to change the pH level of the mouth.
Just add baking soda to your toothbrush and brush your teeth with it. After which, rinse with water. It is extremely vital to brush the top of your tongue using your toothbrush each morning since doing so helps in removing odorous particles which contribute to a foul breath.
Baking soda is a very through teeth cleaner and odor eliminator. Another way to clean the teeth using baking soda is by dipping a wet toothbrush in water and then placing a tad of baking soda. It is also highly suggested to mix in a drop of peppermint oil to have a minty fresh-smelling breath. Baking soda is also helpful for those who have bad breath due to gingivitis.
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