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Need a license and can not afford your driving lessons? Don’t worry, you can get them for free. Many driving schools do different types of offers to attract new customers. For some it is a discount for block booking, for others it is to offer a free, discounted or half price introductory lesson.

Step one: Be Conscious

Why are driving lessons important? Accidents are among the top 5 causes of death in every city. It is very important to keep the roads safe. Many government plans will give out free talks and some may even give free driving lessons. If they do not, then private companies do offer free lessons sometimes. Why? To attract customers. A good driving lesson will stay with your throughout your life. A good driving instructor should awaken you with respect for driving and road safety. Driving is a day to day activity that if taken on irresponsibly, can be deadly and tragic. Driving lessons are very important. Don’t go after the driving license for the wrong reasons. Want to impress a new girl, or your friends? Driving is not the way. The safety of others is fundamental when learning to drive and when driving. Keep in mind the potential for destruction a car can have on the streets. If you still feel the need to drive after reading this, go to step two.

Step two: Choose your driving lessons

Many driving schools provide free lessons. Examples are,,, ,, and

Step three: Know the Test you are up to. Get the literature, talk to your instructor, be prepared, and study.

Step four: Practice as much as you need. Don’t be shy, ask questions if you have doubts. You should not have any doubts left when eventually driving alone.

Step five: Driving Test success depends on theory and practice. Hazard perception lessons and mock tests will prepare you. The current pass rate for the driving test is less than 50%. A major reason for people failing the test first time is that they do don't take enough lessons.

Step six: Make sure you are ready for your test. How can you know? Ask your driving instructor.

Step seven: If you pass the test, drive responsibly. If you don’t pass it, then start the process again.

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marcus bradford
can you please help me call me 323-767-4166
added 2012-05-03 22:57:58
frederick stout
hi my name is frederick I have a permit but i need someone to let me practice driving so i can get a license can you help me dont have money right now to pay for course can you help or direct me to somebody who can.
added 2012-01-30 21:55:19
Hi my name is cheisse and i really need help to learn how to drive as i dont have the money now to got to a driving school as i am struggling this transport. i ask please i need help or can u direct me to any one willing to help as i am a single mom much would be appreciated.
added 2013-08-27 14:23:31
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