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Free energy

Created by youngeryou 2009-10-24 17:25:20
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Life is wonderfull. In order to enjoy it you need ENERGY.

The problem is where can you get this energy?

The answer is in staying hydrated. This is easier that you think.
It is accomplished by a developed habit.

It is commonly said that one should drink eight (8) glasses of water (H2O) a day. Now if you do drink all this water all at one time then the result is VERY DISASTERIOUS. It dumps a huge amount of water all at one time then it UNBALNCES your ELECTROLITES. This is a very dangerous thing to do ==>> PLEASE DO NOT DO THIS.

You must keep your electrolites up and you DO NOT HAVE TO DRINK THOSE OVERLY PRICED EXIOTIC SPORTS DRINKS to do this. Instead get a"PINCH" of SEA SALT, not TABLE SALT because it is stripped of its valuable content, AND add it to one (1) gallon of ordinary water.

DEVELOPE A HABIT of drinking ONE GLASS OF WATER with that has been prepared with that pinch of sea salt, as instructed above, in it EACH HOUR. Say your habit is developed so that during a normal working day, which is eight hours, so at the strike of a set time during that hour you drink your glass of prepaerred water from that gallon of water made first thing in the morning or the evening before. You will see your energy skyrocket with this simple method.

Try it, you have nothing to loose, and FREE energy to gain.

ALL the ELECTROLITES you will ever need is found in the whole sea salt, NOT STRIPPED TABLE SALT. You will never ever need drink or BUY those expensive exiocit sports drinks to accomplist this. Don't tell the sports drink makers about this fact, thsy will figure a way to try to discount this, but you cannot discount the chemical facts.
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