Free ESL Classes in Ottawa - Learn English as a Second Language and Computers

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We have free English classes in Ottawa for qualifying students at all levels - from Beginner to Advanced. You will learn to speak English well, write well and read well at our schools.

For professionals and those seeking to qualify for admission into University in Canada, we have TOEFL preparation classes. These classes are also of interest to those seeking to improve their mastery of the language, including spoken English.

Our TOEFL preparation classes have access to computers to help the student prepare for the new computerized TOEFL tests. Our free classes provide a solid foundation for success.

We also have Computer Classes available for all levels of skills. We teach everything from Introduction to Computers, Windows and Keyboarding for beginners, to MS Office, Adobe Creative Suite, Accpac Accounting, Photoshop and Web Page Design.

Our classes are taught by enthusiastic, experienced and professionally qualified teachers. They will help you achieve your goal of learning English as a Second Language while you have fun getting there.
Thousands of students from more than 120 countries have benefited from and learned English at the best ESL classes in Ottawa.

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i have 2 question about your english classes.
i want to know that is your class free for persons have a workpermit visa???
and do you have any english class in the afternoon???

thanks alot
added 2010-09-07 18:35:13
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