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Free Guide: Printed Circuit Assembly

Created by Kelly 2010-07-21 12:34:17
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Printed Circuit Assembly is not as complicated as it used to be. Although the experts love to use complicated linguistic and coded information, the tools are in place for new creations, innovations and development of Circuits.

If you are going to start your way into Printed Circuit Boards, you will need to decide whether to go and use Surface Mount Assembly or Through Hole Constructions. This is the first decision you have to make. Here are some guidelines for you.

Difference between Surface Mount Assembly and through Hole Construction.
The components work in the same way, the difference is how they are mounted on the Circuit Board.

Availability: Have in mind what is more accessible to you. Also have in mind that markets keep moving and developing new technology. There is no point in building something you will not be able to get spare components for when the time to replace pieces comes.

Green components: Always buy biodegradable components.

Security and Efficiency should be top priority of any Circuit Design.

Through Hole Construction: It uses the assembly method making holes and soldering. Small holes can be very difficult and expensive to make. Laser technology is sometimes used to perforate. If you ever had complex components in your hands you know that it is not easy to solder them. Have that in mind when choosing your method of assembly. If your design does not require small holes or complex soldering, you may want to use this method. Through Hole Construction is more “resistant” when assembling.

Regulations of Security: Circuit Boards, once assembled, must pass regulations of safety. They will be test in different levels and must endure all inspections.

Electric charges or static can be a problem. In through Hole construction is more for amateur-like, while Surface Mount Assembly is used by professionals. Chain electronic assemblies generally use Surface Mount Assembly.

Surface Mount Assembly: Precision is needed for Surface Mount Assembly. Designers consider Surface Mount Assembly more elegant. Sometimes a combination of methods is used.

What is it going to be used for?
Ask this question before starting your project. The use of your circuit will influence the design and assembly. Conceive the components. Do not improvise. Have a clear idea of what you wish to accomplish and make it happen. Draw a plan and follow it.

Ergonomics: It is not about how it looks but about it functions and what is its purpose. The design of a printed circuit board should be ergonomic. Suited for its use. Tight, elegant, accurate, secure, and responsible. It should serve its purpose. It should bring solutions to the environment not the other way round. As a creation device settle for perfection.

This article is not responsible for readers interpretations. This article does not represent any group or organisation. This article is not responsible for readers experimentations. Safe and responsible construction is encouraged.This article is not responsible for electronic circuit construction or planning.
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