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Flying a helicopter is not like flying anything else. The vertical uplift and the commands require use of both hands and both feet. This gives the pilot the feeling of extension of the body or “wings” in the air.

Helicopter flying is a serious profession. From civil transportation to military or health, emergency, or aid transport, helicopters are used in a variety of services and situations.

The problem is that many people who are into flying helicopters are turned away because of the high fees required to start helicopter training. To obtain a professional license you must fly certain amount of hours and pass certain tests. Each hour in the air is an hour of fuel and maintenance to be paid for. What if you could start your Helicopter Career for free? Here is how.

First familiarize yourself with a book on flying helicopters, there are many free eBooks available for that. Find as much information as you can. You do not want to waste the time of those who are willing to teach you how to fly. Get acquainted with the basics yourself. If you are interested in flying, there are pilots out there who are interested in teaching you how to get your feet off the ground. Here are some examples of companies offering free helicopter training lessons.

Regal Helicopters, based in UK, offers free seminars to become a professional helicopter pilot. In their seminars you can ask questions face to face to pilots. They state, “You cannot put a value on advice from an extremely experienced person in this field and that is exactly what you will be getting.”

Helicentre Aviation offers free career seminars, with several dates to be arranged. Their services are varied, and professional. They also offer pleasure flying in diverse areas for as little as £30!

Phoenix Helicopter Training offers free training opportunities. They are located in Goodwood Aerodrome and beautiful West Sussex countryside which makes for the perfect lesson trio.

These are the first steps to becoming a Commercial or Professional Helicopter Pilot. Other websites that offer free training opportunities are, Aviation Excellence, Heli Air Robinson, Cabair College of Air Training, and many others such as;,, and

For an alphabetically list of Helicopter training web sites in the US and Canada go to,

Contact your nearest Helicopter training center and inquire them about free seminar opportunities.
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Luke Backhouse
Free helicopter training! sign me up, its my dream occupation just cant afford the $50,000 training
added 2011-08-25 14:32:23
bobby duffy
always loved flying choppers, getting up there in the years, please tell me where i can get started!!!
added 2011-08-28 16:48:36
bobby duffy
are there any grants for helicopter lessons?
added 2011-09-06 08:40:09
hi, being in India(Mumbai),i expect pilot training to have near to my place.- milind.
added 2011-07-08 11:44:30
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