First of all, I will give you a website, which brings you the theory of jazz music. You will find articles, which inform you of the basic chords in jazz music and ways, that jazz musicians improvise. There is also information about the repertoire of classical jazz music and overall basics, which are relevant, if you truly want to be a jazz musician.

A great site for everyone, who would like to learn how to play jazz guitar. It doesn’t matter, whether you are a novice at playing guitar or you have already obtained the basics or even further knowledge, how to play jazz guitar. This site is both a good benchmark to start for novice guitarists and also a great place for advanced players to learn extra moves and lessons for learning to improvise and adapt to new and different styles of jazz music. There is also a forum, where you can communicate with other jazz music enthusiasts and ask questions about guitar playing.

Another good site for jazz guitar fans. There you will not only find simple courses for learning to play jazz guitar, but also different articles about famous guitarists and news about jazz music. You will also find many informative links and a forum, where you can chat and ask questions.

This website doesn’t only give you easy jazz guitar lessons, but will also educate you a bit about overall jazz music theory. So you can learn, what jazz music is all about and then take your guitar and start putting it to practice.

A website meant for people, who would like to learn to play saxophone, which is one of the main instruments in jazz music. You will find many recordings, which guide you step by step towards understanding the ways of playing this fantastic instrument.

Also a good site to learn jazz saxophone. Here you can also find different texts, which assist you, when you are listening to the audio tracks, which give you demonstrations and guidelines, after what you can play along to exercise what you have just learned.

If you are a pianist or you just love to play piano and also like jazz music, then maybe you should check out this webpage. It brings you the world of jazz piano, which is something magical. Piano is a difficult instrument and offers many ways to improvise, but isn’t probably the easiest instrument in jazz music. But don’t worry, this website will certainly help you and guide you towards discovering the jazz piano wonders.

The first link, I gave you was a link to jazz music theory. This is practically the same, except, that it is even better, but meant more for beginners. If you are still a novice want to learn jazz music with a piano or a saxophone for free, then this is, without any doubt, the best suiting website for you. Take your time to look around and I’m sure, that you will find something for you.