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Free Printed Circuit Boards (Guide and Free testing Software)

Created by Kelly 2010-07-21 12:28:48
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Why built a circuit if you have not virtually tested it? From basic design to laser tapes, screen printing or micro-vias, designs can all be built and tested on computer software. Testing a circuit can be difficult in the real world, specially since not every component can be available in the nearest store. Even if they are, sometimes they can be too expensive to experiment with using real currents. Components, resistance, transistors, capacitors, and the most important integrated circuits that are proven to be virtually “working” in a computer, stand a better chance to make it into the real world. Examples of companies that offer free software for testing Circuit Boards can be found at the end of this article.

The mechanical and electrical elements, the structure, pathways and laminations can be today all tested in computers before even going to the assembly line or board. Software is not only available for business purposes, but they work very well at personal or amateur levels.

There is no comparison to be made between virtual design testing and analogy testing. The benefits it brings forward are infinite and priceless. Virtual testing saves thousands of dollars. If you are taking Printed Circuits seriously, then you are using virtual circuits testing. Circuits are tested at all levels before ever taking them down to a lab.

Whether using photo sensible light board masking or using circuit diagram transfer, it is all about electric impulses. Information travels through the board as it makes it way through the components.

Why Circuits should be tested?
Mask design is based on ergonomics. The components, the space, the functions and the safety of the board assembly should be able to carry the running flux through conductive elements. Testing it virtually will help you. The dielectrics choice should always factor the insulating values of the Circuit and they can be easily calculated with virtual software.

Circuit Board Design is based on conductivity and non-conductivity. It factors in the values of the charges. Virtual testing software provides this information and variables for stablization. Nothing is more important than the schematics of the Design. The design should be complete before taking it to the next level of construction. It is a common error to design a system that will not snap into the gird. Snap grid vision is the art of structure in circuit board design. Virtual software help you accomplish this. Snap grid techniques are useful for this common situation. You can click your way through the possibilities of introducing new variables, changes, charges, improvements or modifications into your design.

Etching problems, solid structure, accurate measurements, double checks, mechanical effective vias, smoothing out, symmetric, security, proper materials and proper tools for construction and handling of the components are just some of the many skills that ergonomics develops. They can all be adjusted and tested in virtual software.

You can find some circuit test software at:

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I'm a senegalese people and I show you hypergreat woman...ALL your articles are very importantes(best) and you try to put easy problems electronics informatiques and others simple and free at all the people. Can I have your email :: Iwant you to guide me like a coach
added 2011-03-26 02:41:43
hello,thank you for the wonderful post.truthfully i been looking for a virtual soft by which i can create and test PCB design.i will be more than honored if you guide me to which soft is best to use for creating and testing a diagram virtually.

and again thank you for the post.its been a great help for me.
added 2011-04-05 21:19:29
sir esa software email kar dey jes sey circut test ho sakey.
added 2012-04-15 19:40:43
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