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Free Sound System for your Car

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Car sound systems can be expensive. One of the most expensive parts of sound system is the installation. A car shop will charge you several hundreds or thousands of dollars to install your sound system. If you decide to install the sound system yourself, you will be saving a lot of money.

Important: This guide is not responsible for readers personal interpretations, constructions or experimentations. Only continue reading if you take full responsibility for all actions resulting from the interpretation of this guide. If you are a minor, read this guide with your parents or tutors. DO NOT WORK with the electrical system of your car connected. Disconnect the ground (negative) cable of the car battery. Car batteries are source of electricity and can cause electric shock.

The main parts of a sound system are the head unit, the amplifiers, the speakers and subwoofers. The head unit is the CPU of your sound system. It is the part where you insert DVDs, CDs and where the radio sits. The amplifier will amplify the sound from the head unit to the speakers or subwoofers. A good amp is very important. The subwoofers are the kick of your sound system. Subwoofers are special speakers dedicated exclusively to bass functions. They will make the sound thick. Some subwoofers require amplification, others come with amplification included. All these components are wired to the head unit and controlled through there.

There are several companies that sell complete component systems. Sound systems will come with amplifiers, speakers, subwoofer and head units. Some are actually very impressive. You can get a professional component system for under 100 USD. The prices range from 50 USD to 100 USD. Find them at any online retailer. Compare prices, ask questions, do the math and choose wisely. Make sure they are the right components for your system and for your vehicle.

Head Unit and Speakers
First choose your components. Once you have them, begin installing them. The head unit usually fits in the dash of your car where the old radio was. The speakers are fitted into the car doors. There are usually four speakers, one for each door. Sometimes doors have to be customized for new speakers to fit in. The speakers are then connected to the head unit. It is very simple. The tricky part is to customize the car doors to fit in your new speakers. You can either get speakers of the size of you door panel or work on a new customized panel to install the new speakers. If so, the door panels have to come off, a new panel should designed, fitted, cut and reinstalled. Another tricky part is running the cables. The cables have to be hidden so they run under the dash or under panels. Security is important. Always work with the battery disconnected and make sure you are not altering the basic security of your car.

Wiring it Up
The amplifier is wired to the head unit. The speakers are generally wired to the amp. The subwoofers are wired to the amplifier as well. All components are usually controlled through the head unit.

Amplifiers are a world within. They come in different shapes, sizes and power levels. Generally they are used to power subwoofers or additional speakers. The amplifier connects to the head unit. It picks up the data that is transmitted from the head unit and amplifies it. It comes with cables to connect to electric sources in your car. It will also have audio-outs to connect additional speakers or subs. Some sound systems leave out the amplifier. Amplifiers are a serious way to boost power and quality of a sound system.

The Subwoofers are important. If you ever drove a car and found yourself annoyed by the lack of bass then you need subwoofers. Subwoofers are special speakers that will dedicate their performance to bass sounds. Some subwoofers may replicate middle sounds as well. The sound will definitely be much better. Installing them is just like hooking up a speaker. They are wired to the amplifier. Generally subwoofers are located in the back part of the car.

There is not really much to it. If you know your car panels and know how to remove them, installation should not be a problem. Wiring amplifiers, head units and speakers in a car is just like wiring them at home. You may need to customize a panel. That may imply modifications. Different styles are used. If you are into more creative sound system, check out images of work done by other people. The principle is simple. Wire the main components, power the AC to the battery, and play it loud.
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