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Free Storage For Your Digital Data

Created by tom 2010-06-10 15:02:55
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What is digital storage? Digital storage in these days is gigabytes of space. Where do you store your files? Surely inside the folder called Documents, on your Desk, or in folders on your C drive. Well, digital storage is just that; digital storage is a drive.

However, your local hard drive on your computer might not be big enough for everything you want to have on it, or you just need an extra storage for making backups of your data. That's when additional digital storage providers come into play. These free storage providers offer you free space for your data online.

Why would anyone provide free space? Well, they may have ads on their page. Or they may provide some space for free and when you want to expand to more space, they will charge you a fee. Most are designed for business, so personal drives will rarely ever need an upgrade. Which are the companies providing free storage for your data? There are a lot of such companies out there, but here are just a few of them:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Recommendation: Choose the one that better suits your needs. All of them have their own pros and their own cons.

It is important that you know where you are storing your files. Do not trust your files to anyone. Use alternatives; data DVD or other type of back ups.
Another good advice is to check out the privacy policy and contract use of the services you are using, specially if you are going to store critical information.

How they work

Each web site has its own application and design. All virtual drives are designed to be user friendly. Choose one which you feel comfortable working with. Some have drag and drop feature and other easy upload functions. Uploading can take a while. Uploading your files to a virtual drive depends on the site and your internet connection. Take some time to gradually upload them. The best “virtual” drives are those that have a small program which is downloaded to your computer. This program facilitates upload with a drag and drop, or copy and paste tool. It works just as if you had the drive on your computer. It even shows up when you click on your drive explorer. These features also improve the speed of upload. Some have sharing files features. Other kind of these downloadable applications, as the Gdrive, uses email to upload and store files.

Never run out space. There is plenty of space out there. For free.

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