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Survival is everything in life. A person will not survive without drinking or eating. But sometimes water needs to be boiled and food needs to be cooked before it can be used. Here is how to make a free Survival Gaswood stove.

Important Note: Keep in mind you are working with metal and your stove will require fire. This can be extremely dangerous if you are irresponsible. This article is not suited for children. This article is not responsible for readers personal interpretations and experimentations.

What you need: One large tin. It should have 1.2 litres capacity and be at least 7 inches tall. You will also need a knife or metal scissors to cut through the can. If you have gloves it will be better. For fuel you can use wood or add things yourself to this simple design below which is the classic, known-to-most, inner alcohol fuelled can.

Step one: Open the can with a can opener or with a knife. Take the lid off. (Carefully, please)

Step two: Open the bottom lid of the can with a can opener, or a knife. Do this as you did before with the lid, but it is better to take the bottom lid off from the side of the can. Once you take both lids off, you should now have hollow cylinder.

Step three: Now what you need is a vent hole. The vent hole will help you control the heat that escapes the can. An inch down from the top lid of the can make a horizontal perforation with a knife (be careful). Once you have perforated the can, you can use a pair of scissors to make the vent hole or you can continue working the can with a knife.

How to make this vent hole? Make a 2 inch cut, horizontal to the top lid, at approx 1 inch from the top lid. Then make a vertical two-inch cut on one of the ends of this cut and make another one at the other end. Now bend the piece out of the can (carefully, do not cut your fingers). The result should look like a small squared window, 2 inch long and three sides cut out. It can be regulated by opening it or closing it. The vent hole will act as a damper when you are running your stove. If you close the damper it will not let oxygen inside the can, and if you open it will let the fire breathe.

Step four: Create the base and tripod. Make 4 cuts at the base of your can. The cuts should be 2 inches long, and should run vertically up the can. Now you should have 4 cuts and 4 sections. Divide those 4 sections one more time, make 4 more cuts. Now you should have 8 cuts and 8 sections.

Step five: Bend innards one of the sections, then leave one standing. Repeat process until you hae gone all way around the can. Use gloves when bending the can, or be careful not to cut yourself.

Now you should have the base and the tripod. The tripod will be the sections you did not bend and the base will be those pieces you folded inwards. The bended pieces should come together inside the can providing an inner base. Overlap the pieces you bend inside one on top of the other, this will secure your base.

Step six: Bend out the other pieces and balance your can. You can make a small hole at the bottom of the lid to let more air come through. Make it small enough for you to use a straw to blow air into the hole. That is it, now you have your stove. Use wood or follow the next advice to add the classic design called alcohol fuelled stove.

What to do next? Where does the fire come from? You can either place the can above a fire or use small pieces of wood to create a fire on the base, once again be careful. If you want to run your stove on alcohol, this is what you need to do. Remove the lid off a soda can, then make a row of holes at the bottom and at the top (inch from the extremes). Then pour alcohol into the can about ¼ inch over the bottom. Light it up with a match through the holes and put inside the bigger stove can

This article is not responsible for readers interpretations. This article does not represent any group or organisation. This article is not responsible for readers experimentations. Safe and responsible construction is encouraged. Keep in mind you are using fire, this is extremely dangerous if you are irresponsible.
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