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Experts say that a computer can connect up to 127 devices as a host. This can be done directly or by USB hubs. USB stands for Universal Serial Bus. Every day more and more things are USB compatible, but what about those things that are not? Can they be hooked up to power them or to power charge them? Yes. This article shows you a simple way to convert any AC adapter for it to be plugged via USB. There are certain basic things you should know first.

USB cables can be as long as 5 meters, and adapters can be used to extend the connection. USB come in different forms, but the adapter that connects to the computer is always the same. Most think that USB are complex wires, however, they are not. Inside a USB cable you will find 4 cables, these are insulated by the USB cable. The current given is 5 volts. Maybe you want to connect a phone with no USB plug in, a digital camera, or anything electronic, so what do you need?

What you need: USB cable, a wire cutter, the AC adapter of the device you are trying to hook up to your computer, some tape, solder and solder iron if you have any,

Environmental Safety: Prioritize your safety. Remember, you are working with electricity, so keep your environment dry. This article is not responsible for your own interpretations. Thousands of people every day work with computer equipments. Work safe, focused and inspired.

Step one: Cut the insulted USB cable. You will find 4 different wires; black, white, green and red. Sometimes the black may be more brownish tone. The important thing is that the white and the green are data cables. The red is the Volts cable positive (+5V) and the black is negative or ground.

Important: Some people unite the four cables into two. They unite: Red with green and Black with white. However, others just use the red (positive) and the black ground cable. When powering AC adapters the important cables are the red (positive) and the black negative or ground. The red and the black cables should never come in contact. This can cause damage to your equipments. Remember, you are dealing with only 5 volts.

Step two: Strip the insulation of all four wires.

Step three: Unite the conductor wires. Unite red with green, and black with white. Or leave green and white out and use only red and black.

Remember: When powering equipments, Red is the positive, and black or brown is the ground. Green is the data positive and white is the data negative.

Step four: Cut the adapter off the AC adapter you are going to convert. Strip the insulation of the AC adapter chord. You will find two cables, red and black.

Step five: Unite the red USB wires with the red AC adapter wires. Unite black USB wire with the black AC adapter wire.

Step six: Solder if you have a soldering iron.

Step seven: Cover the connection with black electrical tape. (to avoid shorts, don’t let red and black wires come in contact).

Step eight: Connect USB to your computer and have fun.

Have in mind a USB adapter will only provide 5 V.

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