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Free Voicemail Number

Created by Multimastery 2010-01-23 18:50:44
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I use to pay $120 a year ($10 per month) for a stand alone voicemail number. BUT THEN I discovered a way to get one absolutely FREE! The number can be used for business or personal use. The only drawback is that the choice of area codes for the numbers are limited, but that's ok with me because with the advent of cell phones most people can call out-of-state numbers for free, so it's really no biggie.

1You need to sign up

2Start receiving the messages in audio format.

Hint: These instructions work on both of the following providers.

Laservoicemail offers a free anonymous voicemail number. Give your friends and family your voicemail number and access your voicemails with that same unique number.
K7 Unified Messaging
K7 Web-Based Unified Messaging. Receive a free voicemail and fax number and have voicemail and faxes delivered anywhere you can access your email - or you can call in to retrieve your messages.
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jackie baird
this has been a huge savings, i could not get this far without it thank you
added 2010-02-01 02:10:11
I setup the K7 messenging service for my business and it works great.
added 2010-03-16 22:33:17
Thanks so much for this great resource....I have really missed having voice mail on my cell phone but I have been saving money not having it. (they charge extra for voice mail on my cell plan!)
So this is awesome and thanks so much!!!
added 2010-09-13 03:56:34
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