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Free Water Fountain

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Simple water fountains can cost a lot of money. More complex water fountains can be extremely expensive. However, water fountains can be made for under 50 USD.

There are many type of fountains. There are many different styles. There are many different names and designs. That is where the things get complicated. Discouraged by the overwhelming information on water fountains a person may think it is better to buy a fountain that is already made and running.

Water fountains are simple devices. Any water fountain works with the same principle. The most important part of a water fountain is the water pump. If you have the pump, then you have the fountain.

How a Fountain Works
A fountain works by circulating a specific volume of water. The water is pumped with force and creates different water designs. A Zen fountain will smooth the water out to create a calm view. An air sprint fountain will through the water into the air in different amounts. A gush fountain will gush water and recycle it. All fountains use a specific amount of water and recycle it.

How to make your own
The basic elements of a water fountain are a water pump, a fountain nozzle set, or a fountain head, and the structure.

About the pump: Water pumps use electricity. It is important that you work carefully with water pumps. The electric part should never come in contact with the water. Water pumps are suited to work with water. If you are a minor, read this guide with your parents or a tutor. The power of a water pump is measured in gallons per hour (GPH). A 250 or 520 GPH (gallons per hour) pump is a good pump to start. 250 GPH pumps can be found online. They usually go for about 25 USD or less.

About the Fountain Nozzle and Fountain Head: The water will go through the nozzle and gush out through the fountain head. The fountain head is important. The water will spray, gush out, jump or free flow, depending on the fountain head you get. Fountain heads are not expensive. You can get them at your local depot store for under 10 USD. Before getting your nozzle, pipes and fountain head, know the diameter of the water pump. They should be the same.

About the Structure: Zen rock fountains always look good and are very simple. They are a good starting place. You can also make a stone-water fountain or a bird fountain. A bird fountain will attract birds. You can either use barrels or enclosed clay pots. The important thing is that water should not leak. You can also make a hole in the ground or use rocks and divert the water.

How to build it:
Ask yourself, How do you want your fountain to be? Draw your own design. Try using things you have in hand. Put the structure together. Add the water pump to the bottom of the fountain. Attach the nozzles, pipes and fountain head to the water pump. Fill in the fountain with water. Make sure there is no leaking. Make sure the electric part of the pump is secure. Turn your fountain on and enjoy.

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