Free ways to Clean your Silver and Silverware

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No one can deny that clean silver is much more appealing than silver which has not been polished. Maybe you want to sell a silver object, or wish to clean your precious silverware. Whatever the case, you want your silver to shine. So if you do not want to put in the money to have it cleaned, here is how to clean your own silver and silverware for free.

Silver elements must be regularly cleaned or they will loose their shine. If silver is not cleaned, it can oxidize, rust, must or become tarnished. When this happens, it is much more difficult to restore it to its original state. However, it can be done. This method is not as time consuming as others, and is not as expensive as other methods.

This is what you need: Silver polish, aluminum foil, salt, baking soda (or laundry washing powder), fine alcohol, smooth cloths, tissue papers and old tooth brushes.

General care: Wash Silver regularly. Always wash Silver separate from other elements. Don’t use rubber gloves, rubber stains silver. Use hot water to wash silver. Do this once a week to guarantee no stains. Dry and rub silver with smooth cloth.

Precautions: Keep a safe working environment, always work with open windows which
when using silver polisher. If the scents or work makes you dizzy, then stop, make sure the room is aired, and once it is start again. This article is not responsible for your own experimentation or interpretations.

Wash you Silverware: Remove the stains

First foil a container with aluminum foil. Then add salt and baking soda to the water (2 soup spoons of each). You can also use laundry powder. Submerge the silver or silverware, but avoid contact between objects if you're cleaning numerous objects at once. Leave the objects in the container, you should see the stains disappear. As soon as the stains disappear take the silver objects out of the tin foiled container. Rinse out with hot water, clean and rub with a smooth cloth. Polish the silver quickly with a cloth. Add a small drop of fine alcohol to the cloth before polishing to obtain better results.

If washing your silver in this way does not work, you will have to put in more effort. Use an old worn out toothbrush to apply silver polish onto the stained silver. You can also apply the silver polish with cloth and rub. If the silver has seals do not rub too hard on them, you may ruin them and devalue the silver object. You can use clothed gloves to work with silver. Avoid contact, but never use rubber gloves (use clothed gloves). Once you have cleaned the silver, and polished out the silver polish, wrap the silver object in tissue paper. You can use a cloth bagged if you want to store the silver.

Avoid Silver from being stained
Do not keep Silver objects inside plastic bags or wrapped in transparent adhesive paper. Humidity will condense and silver will loose its usual shine and eventually it can be ruined.

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