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Though it is a lot easier to go to your friendly neighborhood store and grab off the shelf a box of Tide detergent, nothing beats the feeling of being able to make your very own laundry detergent and have that warm, fuzzy and proud feeling of creating something from your own blood, sweat, tears and stuff lying around your house.

Plus, if you do the math, you will be able to save at least a quarter for each load of laundry you do – a huge sum if you compute the total loads of laundry you do (approximately more than 200). This roughly results to a saving of $50!

To make your own detergent, you will need a bar of soap (which soap bar is up to you), a box of washing soda (usually, this item comes in the form of an Arm and Hammer box), a bucket which could hold five gallons of liquid (make sure it comes with a lid), a large spoon so you can easily stir the mixture, knife, measuring cup and tap water (about three gallons). An optional ingredient is a box of borax (though unnecessary, it makes already clean clothes a lot cleaner).

First things first - place in a can approximately four cups of water. Then, put this on a stove and turn on the heat as high as you possibly can until the water reaches an almost boiling point. As you wait, take out the knife and shave off strips of the soap bar onto the water. Make sure to retain the heat below boiling point as you shave off the soap completely. When you have finished shaving the entire soap, stir the water until it is completely dissolved and you are left with extremely soapy water.

The next step is to fill the bucket with 3 gallons of hot water. After which, mix the soapy hot water in and stir. You can then add in about a cup of washing soda. Make sure to stir for one or two minutes more. If you want to use borax, add it in the mixture. Stir it for a few more minutes and allow the mixture to cool by leaving it overnight.

The result – when you wake up the next day – is a gel of slime the color of which is a shade paler than the soap you used.

Voila! You can now start doing the laundry filling the laundry measuring cup to the brim.
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