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From what I have been able to observe, guys are more computer crazy than girls. And they are the ones who play the most complex games that take days, weeks or even months. They enjoy the story line and the characters and they literally get sucked in the action. I have not observed this behavior in girls. They rarely play computer games, and when they do, they like to play something easy, fun and short. Maybe during a 5 minute break at work to relax. The games girls play need to have simple rules which can be understood on the spot, they should be fun and cheerful. So ladies, if you are tired of the same old solitaire, check out some of these games:

1 Space blocks

Space blocks is generally a 5-minute game in which you are required to rotate the shapes and place them so that they form perfect and complete horizontal lines. It is in fact a new version of the traditional tetris, which you can find here

If you happen to be a tetris aficionado and you would enjoy other versions as well, go to this location to uncover several free tetris games.

2 Totem destroyer

Totem destroyer is yet another great game to help you unwind for 10 minutes. You have a totem on top of blocks and the scope of the game is that of destroying the blocks without harming the totem. You can find it here

3 Huje Tower

The scope of Huje Tower is that of building towers to help you get into the town. You are in the underground and you click and drag the hujes to build them, and the other objects, into towers. The landscape is quite OK, colorful and pleasant, and you also have some background music (which will however become annoying if you play for too long). You can find Huje Tower at this address

4 Crate Crash

Crate Crash is a game in which you are supposed to click on cubes and blow them up (remove them from the section indicated in the game) to get points. While it might seem dull at first, it is a very catchy game, which more challenging with every level. You can find it here

5 Recoil

Recoil only plays a dot, which is controlled by your mouse. It is very simplistic and formed from gray blocks which you must cross (without falling in the empty spaces) to get to the next level. Despite the simplicity, or maybe even due to it, you will love this game. You can find it at

6 Bubble Trouble

Not only that Bubble Trouble will help you take your mind off the things that stress you, but it will definitely make you smile. You are represented by a little red devilish looking like creature – rather cute I might add. The scope of the game is that of not letting yourself be hit by a bubble and also shooting at the bubble to destroy it (careful, it splits). You can find Trouble Bubble here
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