Fun Stuff to Do with Your Kids

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1Make a card with them for a friend, mother, father or grandparents. Handicraft is fun and creative and helps you and your child spend dark autumn evenings.

2You can find perfect cutouts for a card from old magazines, but you can also make a collage of beautiful things for your little princess or use cool car photos to make a collage for your soon-to-be race car driver. Afterwards you can pin up the collage on the wall of their room.

3Do you have lots of cardboard boxes lying around after moving or after getting a new household appliance? Well, cardboard boxes may not be interesting to you but they definitely are for children! Help them to build a plane, a home for their dolls or a fortress.

4Play hide and seek.

5Draw together. If it’s a beautiful day, go outside and draw the things you see.

6Take out all your old clothes and choose together the ones that you can give to charity.

7Make paper dolls and draw and cut out clothes for them.

8Go outside for a walk and collect leaves. Later you can find out what plants are they from. You can stack them between books to dry and later you can collect them in a notebook. Let your child glue the dried leaves on the pages of notebook and write everything he or she knows about the plant next to it.

9Organize a treasure hunt – go around the house and hide various items. Let your child find them and if he or she has found them all, give them a prize.

10Make potato prints. Cut the potatoes in half and carve various animals and designs on it. Then dip it on ink pad and stamp a paper with your potato printer to get different patterns.

11Play spies using “invisible ink”. Tip the brush in lemon juice and write a secret message on a paper. To see the writing hold it to a light bulb or iron the paper to see the words magically appear.

12For your little princess it would be really exciting to have a “home spa day”. Paint each other’s nails, take a bubble bath, light candles and listen to soothing music. Later you can cook something fancy together to end your spa day graciously.

13 Go to the playground and have fun on the attractions. Make a competition out of it and see who wins.

14Build a fortress with chairs, blankets and different furniture items.

15There are many games to play when you are bored and don’t have any equipment for advanced games.

Thumb or arm wrestle.

Have a staring contest – the first one to blink loses.

“Rock, paper, scissors”.

Put your hands on above each other’s and pull out the hand in the bottom, bringing it up top again.

Draw a letter with your finger on child’s back and let him guess which letter you wrote.

Practice spelling by making up your own spelling bee competition.

Play 20 questions – one of you has to think of a thing and the other one has 20 yes/no questions to ask to figure out what the other one was thinking.

Tell each other stories one sentence at the time – one goes first and other one has to add another sentence, until story is finished.

Watch people around you and make up stories about them – for example, what they do for living, are they married, how many kids they have etc.

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