Get Hair Removal and Waxing For Free

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Created by keen003 2011-06-30 23:26:49
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1 Enter to win laser hair removal treatments at American Laser. the top prize is over $3000 worth of treatments. This is a monthly contest. I believe you can re-enter each month.

2 Free waxing offer for women or men at European Wax Center. Every first visit includes a free waxing. No commitments or payments.

3 Free waxing strips from Wax Away. Includes different home waxes and waxing products.

4 Free Samples of Veet Waxing Strips. Includes 1 large wax strip, 1 small facial wax strip, and 1 perfect finish wipe.

5 Free Waxing at Upper East Side Sports Club LA ( includes Basic Bikini, Brazilian Bikini, Lip, Chin) phone - 855.366.6060. May be a limited time only

6 Contest to win a free waxing from Laser Hair Removal 1. To enter contact

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