11 tips for getting free movie tickets

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With a little luck and determination getting to watch movies for free isn’t impossible!

1Sign up to be a test screener. Contact Nielsen NRG (www.movie-view.com). That way you get to see movies before they’re officially released and in exchange you have to tell them what you think and how do you like the movie.

2Sign up to attend film previews by contacting filmmetro.com. Film Metro is a company that hosts screenings of movies in cities across the country. Once you sign up for an account and then sign into the service, just click the "movie screenings" button and find screenings in a theater near you.

3The same principle works in sites like campuscircle.net, gofobo.com and volition.com. They all need registration and offer you free movie screenings. But you must be prepared to wait in line because many people want to see free movies. It’s smart to go to the theatre few hours before the movie starts to be sure to get a seat. Also you may need to fill out survey or comment cards at the end of the movie, but it’s small price to pay for a free movie, isn’t it?

4If you’re passing your local movie theatre, be on the lookout: there might be some movie promoters who are looking for people for test screeners. Studio representatives often recruit test screeners outside shopping malls or movie theatres. They might seem annoying but for getting your attention they’re offering you chances to see free movies!

5Check out icoke.ca, if you’re in Canada. This card gives you bonus “coins” just for drinking Coke and in exchange you can see movies for free. You have to be 13 or above to register.

6 Check out site called FreeMoviePremiereTickets.com. They offer pack of two movie premiere tickets after you complete one free offer by the company. The way it works is that the tickets are paid for by the sponsors of the site who benefit by the increase in traffic you generate for them. The tickets are usually shipped in less than three days.

7Create or join a movieblog where you can write about movies. Bloggers are getting more and more privileges each day and if you manage to write well and attract some readers, why not apply for press credentials in your local movie theatre in exchange for writing about their movies. You can also try to contact some local newspapers and offer them your writings about movies.

8Check out different movie-related sites. Many of them give out free tickets if you take a survey or participate in games.

9Also, the Internet is swarming with advertisements for free movie tickets that are given out to surfers who play particular games, order goods, buying products, or opt for free trials. For example, the famous chocolate maker Hershey’s advertises an offer in which one must collect 16 points from specially marked packages of Milk Duds Candy, Whoppers Malted Milk Balls, or Hershey’s Bites Candies to exchange for one free movie ticket.

10Listen to the radio! Often they offer free movie tickets if you call in the right moment.

11And of course, there’s always a chance to apply for a job in movie theatre or Blockbuster. That way you are “inside” and you can watch as many movies as you like.

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How about searching for "Win movie tickets" on Google. There're a lot of contests out there.
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Patty Gaynor
Love this site, thank you
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