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How To Buld Your List Using Marketing Giveaway Events

Created by thealexangroup 2010-01-23 18:46:22
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One of the most common gripe that we hear from beginner Internet marketers is that they don't
know how to go about building a customer list.

One of the quick fixes ordinarily offered is to suggest that they stop whining, and start building a list. Some people will be a little more helpful and suggest that they sign up to one of the free list-building giveaways as a starting point.

Obviously, that brings us to the question "are these list-building giveaways" worth the effort?"

Do they work?
Do they generate profitable subscribers?
Personally I feel that it depends.

The way that about 90% of folks that join giveaways do it is wrong.
If you are wondering, I do offer free products in many marketing giveaway events. In fact, I have gained thousands of new subscribers because of the giveaways that I have been involved with.
So, why do I have some reluctance in suggesting them?

First of all, you need to understand that adding a gift to a free giveaways is only the first step in a long-term relationship. Way too many folks mess it right from the start. They offer a free "gift" in these events that they'd be insulted if someone gave to them.

Anything you give in one of these email-builder giveaways needs to be something nice enough that you might charge for it if you wanted to.

The second aspect to look at is the reputation of the giveaway itself.
You need to join events where the quality of the gifts offered is monitored.
You really don't want to be associated with a stupid giveaway that feels desperate or rookie.

You also need to ensure that the organizer of the event require JVs to all promote the giveaway. Those who are not promoting the giveaway could be removed from the database of those eligible to get subscribers fairly early in the giveaway's timeline.

I've witnessed tons of free giveaways where many of contributors simply gave an outdated product and then did absolutely no promotion. They just wanted to get a free ride.

Joining in free marketing giveaway events can jump-start your list-building. I know numerous internet marketers who've built lists into the thousands... and even tens of thousands with most of their early list members being from free giveaways.

It really does work. It can help you create a targeted, responsive list if you offer the right gifts, and if you select the right giveaways. If you join bad ones, submit trash, and then wait for others to do all of your work, you will be in for a big let-down.
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