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How To Get Food For Free?

Created by tom 2010-03-17 13:22:03
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Contemporary Spartans, unite!

Do you agree that survival is naturally born right for all of us? And does that imply that one should not have to pay for food? To hell with Darwin and his surviving of the fittest. Let’s see if you can succeed in living as a social parasite, amoeba type. Here are some suggestions:

1 Get a job in the restaurant business. Many restaurants offer free meals to the workers or if you can cook then the chefs are never hungry…

2 Move in with your parents. They will be more than happy to see you again. Your mother will cook for you every day and this will make you satisfied. Of course, since you do nothing all day long you will have to put up with them, and their talks

3 There's a great chance that the situation in your grandparents house develops exactly as it did at your parents house. And you risk having one of your grandparents die on you. You know, an age thing… Anyway it depends on the situation between you and your parents/grandparents.

4 You can ask food from local bakers, cafes, small shops etc. When the best before date expires then they have to throw stuff out but there is really nothing wrong with it for at least a day or two more. So swallow your pride and ask them to give you what they can’t sell anymore. Marketplaces are especially good places as people who are there are usually more open and friendly (because usually they own whatever they are selling).

5 If that doesn`t work you can raid farm houses and other places where people grow food. It`s illegal but it fills the stomach.

6 Get a new job.

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you seriously wasted your time on this...
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