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How to Get Free Access to a Computer

Created by Multimastery 2010-02-09 16:25:21
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Not having a computer of your own can definitely be a hindrance, especially if you're trying to operate an online business. Below are five ways for you to possibly get free computer access in your area:

1 Friend or Family Member - Try using a friend or family member's computer. This is an obvious one but I had to mention it.

2 Local Workforce Center - Many cities have employment workforce centers providing free computer access for job search, business, career building and such. Perhaps you have some locations in your town.

3 Library - Many libraries will give you a couple hours of computer time for free. And if you get a library card from several different districts in your area, you should be able to get a couple hours of computer access time at each library. Also many libraries have added a job search section where they'll allow you extended computer time.

4 College/University - Some colleges not only offer free computer access to enrolled students, but several have a built-in library where computers are available to the public.

5 Book Store - Several bookstores have a free computer or two for customer use. I know Barnes & Nobles is one (depending on store/location). Usually you can just go in there and if no ones on it, it yours!

At one point or another, I have tried all of the resources above to gain an average of 4 to 8 hours computer time per day. So if you don't have a computer right now and need access, you should get out there and find out what's available for free in your area.

And as far as business goes, you don't need your own computer to make money on the Internet; it does help no doubt, but you don't need it. But one thing you surely need is quality hours of computer access some how, some way. Hopefully the above will be of help to you.
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