How To Get Free Food At McDonalds

Created by tom 2009-10-02 16:05:05
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You can often get the buy one get one free vouchers online, so just bring a friend with you and whilst they buy one, you can get a free one.

On Halloween and Valentine’s Day there are special coupons available which you can buy for only $1.00. You will get 12 coupons for which you can get free food afterwards.

Go to and sign up. They will often send you promotional offers and you can get free food.

You may also apply for a job there, though even workers don’t get all the free food they want. Other option is to find somebody who works there and ask for them to put you some free food aside.

OR you can use social engineering

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i will definitely be there...get dat free grub!!!
added 2009-12-30 17:35:39
dylan jordan
i want foods
added 2010-01-16 05:30:52
lauren siiddall
hhahahahahahahahahahaha it will NOT be free
added 2010-01-21 19:09:11
im hungry :o
added 2010-03-04 21:20:58
dont live in the states
added 2010-02-12 18:39:02
I need free food please.
added 2010-04-01 17:33:28
I thought that you were gonna actually help me get free food not feed me a bunch of crap. These tips really suck. You are a really stupid person thats why your family doesn't love you. I bet you were adopted. Anus hole!!!
added 2010-02-13 00:32:59
I thought u was talking about free food but u want to give me tips....... Man PLEZZZZZZZZZZZ
added 2010-03-17 03:45:21
Cool but i don't care bout mickey dees
added 2010-03-17 22:41:51
i want some food
added 2010-03-01 21:56:36
scott edwards
i love your food it is good food ok???????????????
added 2010-03-02 19:59:47
Hehehehe.. nada gratis wawawawa... >=o/
added 2010-02-28 09:42:24
I need all the food I can get please call me at need food
added 2010-03-25 21:34:54
HAHAHAHAHA they dont all work!
added 2010-04-26 01:18:32
i wont some food
added 2010-06-10 20:36:46
yum yum i want food.......
added 2010-10-16 19:28:31
fucking america
i wanna fuck u all of suck my dicks mc donalds is the world largest fucker hahahahahahahaha maan ki chut america ki
added 2012-09-30 11:36:53
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