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How To Get Your Camping Gear For Free

Created by Nick 2010-05-04 10:30:30
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Since summer only comes once a year, don’t you think you and your kids should have some quality bonding time roughing it up under the stars and in the vast wilderness? Think about it, the food will taste positively different and the good memories you and your family will create is sure to last a lifetime.

It is a fact though that camping can be quite an expensive activity especially with all those gears, tents, equipments you have to bring. But actually, it really doesn’t have to be so. Our ancestors definitely didn’t have a Coleman when they were out in the woods, but they survived anyhow.

Therefore, it is possible to have a camping trip using the resources you now have and without the need of forking up a single dime.

1 For one, you can easily make a lantern using the stuff in your kitchen. Empty tin cans are excellent resources. If you have an empty fruit juice can lying in your trash bin, punch holes in it and place a candle. Viola! You now have your very own do-it-yourself lantern you can use for those dark nights in the woods.

2 Believe it or not, you can keep food fresh not with Ziploc. Simply use empty coffee cans – preferably those with plastic lids – in order to keep foods such as bread, apples, etc. – safe from the prying eyes and noses of wood animals.

3 Large camping bags are unnecessary when you can simply stow all your camping gear in heavy-duty and large garbage bags. Place your sleeping bag and clothes in it after you have dried them out in the sun. When filled, the bags could also function as furniture in the day – plus, you need not worry about the ground being damp and seeping into your clothes or sleep gear. Also, garbage bags could be used to place all your food in. Then, you can suspend the bags on a tree using a laundry line in order to keep all your consumables away from critters.

4 Make your own tent using a large canvas measuring approximately seven by twelve feet. Then, make sure to punch and hem grommets on every corner as well as halfway on each of the four sides. After which, tie the strings for each of the grommet – remember not to include the two center ones found along the length of the sides. Using six stakes as well as four poles measuring five feet, you can now put up your very own pup tent to sleep or sit in. For lines, you can use laundry rope line in order to stabilize the poles.

5 For the floor of your tent, feel free to use the shower curtain in your bathroom. Having a floor in your tent keeps all your gears from getting damp. It also keeps soil, grass and insects away from your sleeping bag.

6 For a sleeping bag, you could either use a duvet or simply sew together two sheets around a comforter (preferably double-sized). Then, fold it in half and stitch ties along the length of the bottom. Note that you can use shoelaces for the ties. Then spray its outside using silicone waterproofing. Camping clothes could be placed inside a pillow slip – which could also double as a pillow during the night.

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