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How to keep a healthy & natural diet

Created by helen 2010-07-21 14:00:09
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Never ever try too hard. The same goes with keeping a healthy diet as well as maintaining your desired weight. Usually, the best things in life should be achieved effortlessly. Why should you sweat it out when you could easily achieve the same results by not being stressed out.

You can easily merge your healthy eating efforts as well as keeping your desired weight along with your day to day activities. This avoids having to dedicate a specific time for your attempt to be and look healthy as this is usually used as an excuse to not try at all, e.g. “I don’t have time,” “There is no time,” etc.

The following are easy ways to maintain a natural and healthy diet in order for you to keep your desired weight.
1 Eat because you need to not just because you want to

Prior to consuming anything, it is best to first ask yourself whether you have to eat because you’re hungry or do you have to eat just because you’re bored.
Hunger is the body’s way of saying that it needs nutrients. But at times, the temptation is strong to just munch on anything just because you have literally nothing better to do.
If ever you find the craving to eat when you are not hungry, make sure to munch on fresh fruits or vegetables. It is ideal to consume at least five portions of fruits or veggies per day. Doing so keeps your body at its peak condition. Plus, the fiber in vegetables helps the food in your digestive tract move smoothly and efficiently. Fiber also makes you feel full, thereby avoiding future cravings and prevent late night munchies.
2 Limit your sugar intake

An excess of sugar in the body disrupts its natural balance and may even cause mood swings and headaches. Plus, if too much sugar is consumed, hypoglycemia as well as diabetes mellitus could occur.
3 Drink lots of water

As much as possible, do drink at least 2 or 3 liters of water each day. It is water that actually assists the fiber you have consumed to swell and perform its proper duty. It also aids in metabolizing the nutrients found on the food you have taken in. It also keeps the hair and skin healthy plus it avoids signs of dehydration.
4 Avoid tea, coffee or cola
Take note that caffeine halts the body from absorbing minerals and vitamins thereby causing the body to expel important nutrients and also interferes with the body’s fluid and energy balance.
5 Eat at regular intervals

It is important to eat at regular intervals and just as vital to not keep your stomach empty for more than four or five hours. Doing so keeps your guts do its job effectively. Also, eating regularly aids your digestive tract to keep a consistent supply of enzymes thereby protecting it from too much acid secretion. It also aids you in metabolizing food in the most proficient way possible – the results of which keeps your moods even and gives you the appropriate energy level.
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