How To Make 80's Disco Ball For Free

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Because you want to boogie your heart away under your very own disco ball – assembled cheap and right in the comfort of your own home – here are instructions on how to make your own disco ball with stuff you might not think about using: your old CDs.

Ensure that the CDs you intend to utilize are unwanted.
You also need to have kitchen shears, scissors might not be strong enough to work. You also must have a styrofoam ball – the size of which depends on your own preference – and a glue gun.

1 The first thing to do is to cut the CDs into tiny squares. In order to soften the CDs and make it easy for cutting – and thereby decrease any splintering – dip the CDs in boiling water without allowing it to touch the bottom of the pan or pot. Do not forget to pull the CDs out before it begins to warp in form.

(NOTE: This part needs a bit of trial and error as it might take some time to know how much longer the CDs need to be dipped. Also, cut the CDs while they are still warm and wear protective gloves while doing it.)

2 You will then end up with a pile of square-shaped little CDs. Then, get a styrofoam ball and place a hole through the styrofoam ball using a bamboo skewer (or a stick). Run a string or fishing wire through the ball and knot it to a loop to allow the ball to be hung.

You can then glue the small squares on the styrofoam ball starting from the center while working your way up and then down. Go on gluing the squares until the ball is covered in its entirety. Do not forget to leave the top portion of the ball empty as it is where the loop will come out.

(NOTE: Before placing the small CD squares, you can also cover the ball using silver shiny paint as the CD chips might not cover every square inch of the styrofoam ball and gaps or cracks could be seen. Just make sure to select a shiny paint which would match the color of the CD squares.)

You are now ready to hang the ball and start dancing your heart away. Use it for parties and impress your guests.
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