How to qualify for free or reduced school lunch

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The National School Lunch Program (NSLP) is a federally assisted meal program operating in public and nonprofit private schools and residential child care institutions. It provides nutritionally balanced, low-cost or free lunches to children each school day. Through the National School Lunch Program and School Breakfast Program, school children have access to healthy meals. Through the Special Milk Program, school children who do not have access to other meal programs can supplement their day with a serving of milk. The program was established under the National School Lunch Act, signed by President Harry Truman in 1946. So, how to get into these programs?

1First, to find out which schools participate in the USDA meals programs, contact your local school officials or your Child Nutrition state agency.

2Schools send school meal applications home at the beginning of each school year. However, you may apply for school meals at any time throughout the school year by submitting a household application directly to your school. Your school will provide you with an application upon request.

3If you are earning at or below current Income Eligibility Guidelines, it is encouraged you to contact your school to fill out a school meal application. The school or local education agency will process your application and issue an eligibility determination. To find out current income guidelines, visit:

4If you are receiving Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) benefits, your child automatically qualifies for free school meals. Please contact your school to determine if you need to fill out an application. To find out more about SNAP benefits, visit link:

5Once you’ve filled out the application and sent it to school, it takes a bit time while they determine if your child is eligible to eat lunch at reduced rate or even for free.

6After the school has reviewed your application, they will send you a determination letter which tells you, whether you are approved for free or reduced lunches. If the latter, you may only have to pay around $0,40 for a daily lunch.

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Wheres the post on how I can get food for free, I am sick of paying for everyone elses kids! If those kids were hungry I promise they would strive to never be in poverty!
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