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How to watch live football online for free

Created by tom 2009-11-26 11:21:36
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In the 21st century the Nike proverb “Impossible is nothing“ is becoming more and more true. Among most things in the world, sport is the best entertainment. Especially the king of sport: football, or soccer as the Americans would say. But not all of us have the TV channels needed to see the big games live. Therefore, several ways of watching football online for free have been developed. Just to note, watching football online is legal, as many court cases have proved.

When trying to find an online game you want to watch, I suggest going to or It is also possible to watch live games for free and with no programs when registering at (Bet and Win shows Bundesliga, 2.Bundesliga) You will find a list of different sports, mostly football, that can be watched with either a specific program or just Windows Media Player. It should be noted that different streams have different quality and speed, so everyone must find one that suits their internet connection (eg. If your internet speed is 1 mb, do not choose a stream faster than 400 kb or it will probably not work).

You will find an overview of the best programs to download at The most reliable are:

TVU - Mostly English, Danish and Spanish channels.
UUSee - Mainly Chinese channels.
SopCast - SopCast has the biggest variety of channels to choose from.
TVAnts - The majority is Chinese but also Eurosport etc.
Veetle - Similar to Media Player but able to play more channels.
Afreeca - A lot of Korean channels.
TVKoo - The best Chinese channels.

To enjoy the best quality, it is also advisable to download the following software:
VLC Player, Real Player, Media Player

All these programs are free to download.

Windows OS built-in Windows Media Player is useful as there are many streams it can utilise. Being popular, it is often overcrowded so it is recommended watching only less popular games with Media Player.

On you can find more channels that do not need additional software. It is, however, important that your codecs and other stream related packages are up to date to see all the channels.

Note: Some channels may be offline until the game actually starts. Be aware the compatability of the program to your computer must be checked when downloading the software. For example, a program meant for Linux does not work on Windows OS.
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