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Make Your Own Yoghurt

Created by helen 2010-05-04 10:42:10
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You may be asking why you should make your own homemade yogurt when you can easily buy one off the shelf?

But the better question to ask is, why shouldn’t you make your own yogurt? For one, the yogurt that comes from your own sweat, toil and tears tastes better, is a lot less costly and is relatively healthier – due to the absence of added chemicals, sugar and preservatives.
Home made yogurt is also an excellent source of calcium, protein, magnesium and essential vitamins thanks to a combination of active bacterial cultures which assist in proper digestion.

1 To make a proper yogurt, all you need is a quart of any type of milk and two tablespoons full of live/culture active yogurt (note that this specific quantity of yogurt is simply for starters). For those craving for a large tub of yogurt, an alternative homemade yogurt recipe would be using half a gallon of pasteurized and homogenized whole milk and half a cup of live/active and natural plain yogurt. Just make sure to avoid ultra-pasteurized milk. Feel free to add in frozen fruits for added flavor.

2 It is best to make home made yogurt on a weekend in order for you to focus and monitor the whole process. Start with heating the milk for at least two and a half hours in low heat. Milk could also be heated to 185 degrees F. It would be best to create a double-boiler like setup in order to avoid the milk from being burned. Remember to stir the milk only occasionally. If you prefer to directly stir the milk in, caution is advised and it is highly necessary to monitor and stir it constantly. If you cannot check the temperature, 185F is usually when the milk begins to froth.

3 After which, allow the milk to cool and let it sit for a minimum of three hours. Usually, the best way for the milk to cool is via a cold water bath. As much as possible, the milk should reach a 110F temperature. If you are using the refrigerator to cool the milk down, best to stir it frequently.

4 After three hours, scoop two cups of the still warm milk and place it in a bowl in order to add in the live culture yogurt. With the addition of the milk, the yogurt’s nutritional content will increase. Plus, its texture will also easily thicken.

5 Make sure to pour in the milk inside a hygienic and clean container. Make sure to cover them using a plastic wrap or a tight lid. If you are using a crockpot, get a heavy bath towel and wrap it around the crockpot for further insulation.

6 Then, forget about the whole thing and go to bed. If you can`t, at least leave it be for a maximum of eight hours. The idea is to allow the yogurt to warm while still promoting bacteria to grow. It is also necessary to keep the temperature near 100 degrees F. After eight hours, expect the yogurt to have a texture that resembles that of a custard. It will also have a greenish liquid at the top and a cheesy odor. Note that the more you leave the yogurt, the more tangy and thicker it will be.

7 You can then start adding batches of your favorite fruits - either frozen or fresh. A few good suggestions would be strawberry, blueberry and mango. Do not be afraid if you see bubbles forming when you combine the fruits as these will settle later on.

8 When all is done, you can place your home made yogurt in a plastic container and chill it inside the fridge. Note that he yogurt should be consumed within seven to ten days.

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