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To make free phone calls via Internet you will first need a microphone enabled computer. You will also need pair of headphones. You will need them because if you use your computers speakers the noise coming from them will re-record onto the microphone causing very annoying echo on both sides.
To make free phone calls using EvaPhone:
1Go to

2Type in the number you want to call.

3Click the green button to start a call.

4To end the call, click red button.

To make free phone calls using Easycaller:
1Go to Then under “Try Easycaller for Free” select a country you are currently residing.

2Then type in your phone number. NB! You can’t give a fake number, because they will call you for confirmation.

3Then select the country you want to call to.

4Type in the phone number you want to call to.

5Then click “Make call”.

6Now you need to register. Choose yourself a username, enter a password, and then enter your email-address. Type in the security code.

7Then wait till they call you. Answer the call and wait for Easycaller to connect you to your destination number. Your call will disconnect after some time, depending on where you’re calling.

8If you want to use the service again, you can make new username using new data (email address etc).

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added 2010-04-09 13:43:59
I heard skype is a good one too for making free skype to skype calls too. Never heard of evaphone and calleasy but will definitely try them!
added 2009-12-18 00:30:59
Never heard of this anyway.Hope tapping is not done for all who call
added 2010-01-27 17:01:52
bill major
it sucked ,nobody can hear you
added 2010-09-13 03:24:27
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