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Natural and free ways to strengthen bones

Created by helen 2010-07-21 12:45:04
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Osteoporosis very much determines how one would lead their life specifically through old age. Also, it has been shown that women are a lot more likely to have osteoporosis compared to men. It is critical therefore to remain healthy and strong in order to avoid the possibility of any types of injury especially as you add years to your life. It is also important to note that bone-building takes a lot more than simply consuming calcium supplements. Calcium – to be easily absorbed by the body – need to work in balance with other minerals.

The following are free and natural ways to make your bones stronger.

1 Get out and get some sun

Make sure that your time out in the sun is between 6am in the morning until 9am only and try not to go beyond those times. Stay at least ten minutes under the sun as Vitamin D is provided freely and generously by the sunshine. Vitamin D helps the body to absorb and process calcium – an important building block for bone strength. Also, do avoid staying too long under the sun.

2 Avoid drinking cola

Studies prove that there exists a connection between drinking soda, cola or soft drinks and having weak bones. Some refer to the cola’s caffeine and phosphorous as the culprit. Meanwhile, a few believe that cola drinkers generally shun healthy foods such as milk and orange juice thus resulting to unhealthy bone health.

3 Exercise, exercise, exercise

Leading a sedentary lifestyle is a sure-fire way of having weak bones. Even if you are consuming the necessary amount of calcium in your diet, not doing weight-bearing or strength-training exercise will cause your bones to decrease in density. As much as possible, do thirty minutes of exercise every day. These include weight lifting, hiking, jogging, walking and dancing. Basically, any activity or exercise which places force on the bone is highly recommended. Dancing, brisk walking and climbing the stairs all promote effective mechanical stress within the whole skeletal system thereby contributing to good calcium placement. At least two to three times each week of weight training, which lasts anywhere from 15 to 30 will be sufficient enough to provide your body with the necessary bone density.

4 Go for tofu, leafy greens and almonds

Tofu, almonds and leafy greens provide the best sources of calcium. Kale when cooked possess 300 milligrams of calcium or roughly equal to a cup of milk. Meanwhile, almonds possess 100 milligrams of calcium or approximately 10% of your everyday calcium needs. Similarly, spinach and tofu are good calcium sources.

5 Stop drinking

Alcohol must be avoided at all cost as regular alcohol drinkers are a lot more likely to damage their bones, specially women. Also, heavy drinkers are a lot more susceptible to fractures, bone density loss and overall a weak skeletal system.
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