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Average money saved : $46.67
Created by nickclark 2009-10-30 19:44:41
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Free postcard site that allows you to upload your images and use them as postcards to mail to friends and family. It cost absolutely nothing and doesn't even require you to sign up.

1 Go to

2 Click on "Pick a Postcard"

3 Pick the country you want a postcard from

4 Fill it out (front and back)

5 Click Send!

As a premier member, meaning you have logged in... you get to store your contacts and also allows you to capitalize on your images. You can also become a photographer here and sell your photos if they are used by premier members.

If you wish to upload your own images:
1 On the main screen click on "Create Your Own"

2 Click Browse to browse your computer for the image

3 Click the upload button and then proceed to fill it out.

4 Click send -

An awesome free service that will save you a ton of money on stamps and phone calls while on vacation. You can also browse your camera if you have the ability and upload from a memory stick!

Try The Perfect Postcard - its free~!
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I've been using this site while traveling through Europe. They have heaps of postcards. It's great.
My friends are on to it too now. Won't be long before everyone is using it.
Over a 3 month vacation this saves a lot of time & money. But the most important thing, it saves a lot of messing about looking for stamps, finding a post box etc.
added 2009-10-30 22:47:30
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