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Stop Excessive Sweating For Good!

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Created by ishak 2010-06-13 16:40:27
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I am a former excessive sweater who used to have to avoid wearing dark clothing, and who worried constantly about body odor. After making it my quest to become an expert on the topic of sweat, I now know what it takes to stop excessive sweating without dangerous drugs or expensive surgery!

As a former excessive sweater, I used to worry constantly about body odor, I avoided dark clothing, and I found the problem itself to be an embarrassing one. For those among us who do sweat excessively, the problem is a big deal and the problems that come with it can lead to more serious problems (most of which come from extreme embarrassment). Some people are affected so much by the problem that they literally hide themselves away from the public and really stop living.

For me, my problems were overcome with a simple "stop sweating guide". That is, an eBook package that taught me how to not just reduce the problem, but overcome it completely.

Put simply, there are natural ways to overcome your sweat problems, they do work, and in most cases they can cure excessive sweating in two weeks or less. The problem is that more and more of these guides are appearing on the market, and they aren't all what they're said to be. With that, let's first cover what a good stop sweating guide is and is not.

First, simply buying a stop sweating guide is NOT the only thing you will need to do stop excessive sweating indefinitely. You will also need to take the time to learn what the guide teaches and apply it to your own life.

Second, NOT everyone will need a stop sweating guide. If you only tend to sweat excessively when you exercise excessively then you're likely normal and won't need a guide to reduce sweat problems. On the other hand if your find that your shirt is wet at odd times of the day, then a good natural guide to control sweat problems will be needed.

Third, a guide to controlling sweat IS the best way to reduce excessive sweating. In fact, some report that with the right guide they were not only able to reduce the problem, but they stopped it completely in less that two weeks. A good guide will help you to stop sweating and start living again.

Fourth, if you don't take the time to choose the right guide you will be wasting your time and money. More than that, some of the guides that are emerging on the market suggest unsafe and untested methods to reduce sweat. These can (and likely will) jeopardize your own health!

To help determine which guides really work and which don't, along with some sweaty friends, we took the time to evaluate the top guides on the market today. We evaluated each guide based on the following criteria:

* Stopped Excessive Sweating - Obviously our main criteria to evaluate each guide was: Did the guide actually help us to stop sweating?
* Safety of Methods Suggested - Safety is an important factor in any natural health realm. Higher ratings were given to those guides that only suggested safe methods to control sweat.
* Avoided Excessive Diet Changes - Some guides suggest diet changes. Although this is necessary to a degree, we rated guides that suggested excessive diet changes much lower ratings (we like our food).
* Worked Quickly to Stop Sweat - Higher ratings were given to those guides that helped us to control sweating within just a week or two.
* Provided Support - Although our top five guides are clear enough that you likely won't need support, we did want to ensure that the sites that sold these guides would answer our emails when we had questions.
* Value - Finally we rated each guide on cost/value. Higher ratings were given to those guides that cost less and actually worked.
* Overall Rating - With each element above we combined our data to give each guide an overall rating.

With each evaluation we both read the guides as a group, and then had the guides themselves put to the test. The guides were each tested by 3-4 participants over a period of 1 month. After that period we shared our results to see which guides actually stopped sweating and which didn't.

Below you will find our results for the top 5 guides to help you stop sweating now.

Also, once you have gotten one of our top guides and reduced your own sweat problem. Be sure to email me and let me know how everything went. It's good to know that are hard work evaluating the guides is helping others to begin living again as well.

To Sweating Less and Living Odor Free,

Joanne Montgomery
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