Tips how to get a free lipstick

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1Go to you local supermarket and visit all the major cosmetics counters. They often give out free samples – of course they hope you will buy them. But you don’t have to buy anything to get free samples though, so ask boldly!

2Find your local Avon Lady! They can give you free products to try out and you don’t have to make a purchase.

3Go online! Visit the major beauty companies websites. Sometimes you can get promo offers, including lipsticks – sign up and wait for your free lipstick to arrive!

4Visit M.A.C. is enviromentally responsible company and they try to think green and give something back to enviroment. So they have this interesting campaign going on – by returning six M.A.C. primary packaging containers (a.k.a empty lipstick and mascara tubes etc) you’ll recieve a free M.A.C. lipstick!

5Talk to your friends – maybe some of your girlfriends have bought a lipstick the wrong shade of red and they don’t use it anymore? Make a trade – I’m sure you have beauty products sitting on your bathroom counter which you used once and never touched again. One woman’s unused moisturizer can be traded for other woman’s lipstick!

6Another way to get make-up cheap or free is via buying the magazine "All You" at WalMart. It always has several makeup coupons, including coupons for free lipsticks.

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