Tips to save on haircuts

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If you don’t have any money to visit your regular hairdresser and you don’t trust any of your friends to cut your hair, then you should find beauty school trainees and hairstylists in training. They are required to complete hours and they need to get practice, so why not help them out and get free haircut out of it?

1First find your local beauty school who train hairstylists. You can also ask your regular hairstylist where there might be training salons in your area.

2In New York City hair salon called Bumble And Bumble is arranging free haircuts. Visit their website or call 866-7-BUMBLE.

3Also, Carsten Institute of Hair and Beauty have haircutters in training doing free haircuts. Call 212-675-7735, although you have to be ready to speak up if you see that student who is doing your hair is doing something you don’t like. Don’t forget that they’re only students and some of them might not be very talented.

4In Chicago, Tirra Salon and Spa will give you a free consultation and cut if you call ahead to book. Call them 312-951-8255.

5If you are in San Francisco, call the Joseph Cozza salon. or call them at 415-433-3030 and set up your appointment.

6In London, Toni & Guy Hairdressing Academy will give you quality cut in their West End salon for free. Visit their website at to find hairdresser trainees who need models for their exams and practices.

7You can also advertise in Craigslist or Gumtree that you’re willing to offer yourself as a hair model or you can search for ads of hairdressers in training that are looking for models. But don’t forget, they’re not professionals!

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