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Top 10 free iPhone apps

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There are currently more than 150,000 iPhone apps available at your beck and call. Through all that fluff, how would you know which works, which doesn’t, which is junk and which is good? You can check and use them one by tedious one or you can simply read this article to find out.

1 Facebook iPhone app

The version 3.1.3 of the Facebook iPhone app is now touted to be better and more social-network-aware. Its home screen is revised to be grid-based and offers quick access to sections you regularly visit – be it notifications, news feed, etc. Its added features include the ability to view videos and place posts on event walls. Using the Facebook iPhone app also beats its original browser version.

2 Gorillacam

Gorillacam arrived on iPhones in December 2009 and its mind-blowing features made the iPhone cam hugely desirable as it combines together a host of features such as the 4X digital zoom, anti-shake, self-timer, time lapse, auto-save, shot burst, among others. Essentially, this iPhone app helps you save more than half a dozen standalone apps which does the same things.

3 RunKeeper Free

The iPhone app RunKeeper utilizes the GPS capabilities of the iPhone in order to track your running route or jogging route. It also offers map details as well as the number of calories you burned. Runs on treadmill could be manually entered and all your physical or workout activities can be shared with others online. Its difference with the Nike + iPod app is that RunKeeper is free. The latter is also more convenient to use as users only have to press Start when you are to start your run.

4 Stanza

Stanza is an iPhone application you can use to download and read a wide selection of more than a 100,000 books as well as periodicals. Basically, Stanza serves as a wireless e-library which is open 24/7. Currently, Stanza is considered as the most popular ebook reader due to its ease of use, intuitiveness, customizability and library organization features.

5 Dropbox

Dropbox is an iPhone app specially made for transferring content between your device and computer that is easy to use compared to similar apps currently available. Users basically dump the files they want to sync in a folder in their computer and Dropbox allows you to gain access to them as well as download them to be viewed offline.

6 Skype

Skype iPhone App – though absent of push notifications – is still a valuable download due to its extremely usable interface thereby allowing those with a Skype account to call for free to any Skype user – or make inexpensive calls anywhere in the world. Skype can be used anywhere there is WiFi or 3G. Plus, you can see whoever is online and then send and receive instant messages even you are on the go.

7 Twitterific

Twitterific displays the most recent tweet posts, replies and DMs or direct messages on Twitter’s social network. Plus, Twitterific could be customized for either right-handed or left-handed users. Also, Twitterific provides a detailed view of tweets allowing more info to be seen with tweets done nearby specially highlighted to include a Map link.

8 Shazam

Shazam helps you identify and remember any song or music you hear from a movie, TV or radio and even a store as this app listens to a track that is being played and advises you the title of the track. This iPhone app is so effective it even works while driving at 65 mph down the highway with the windows down. You can even tag the identified song and include it to build your own soundtrack.

9 TonePad

Make music the easy and cool way thanks to the Tonepad. It allows you to make songs with a mere touch on the screen. An unlimited number of songs could be saved with the current song you are working on automatically saved once you exit. Its clean and minimalist user interface makes the app easy to use. Sound quality similarly remains excellent despite the quantity or simultaneity of notes you play. Sharing your musical works is simple. Just press the Upload button and provide the song code to your friends. They can then easily download the song by pressing the button for Download and entering the song code.

10 Eventful

For the party-goer in you, Eventful allows you to find party events within your locality and check what’s happening in your favorite venues. You also get to know the performers to appear soon as well as track the interest of your friends. You can even share with your friends your own favorites. Essentially, Eventful touts itself as the leading events site in the world. Eventful could also use the iPhone’s location awareness in order to show you what’s currently playing in your area.
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