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Never get lost again. Do you have a phone? Then turn it into a GPS. Be guided by the best free software solution in the World. Never be late for a business meeting. Don’t get lost in strange streets and be on time for dinner. Once you are there, don’t say you where lucky, say you were guided.

How many times have you drove around and around looking for an address? You sure have found yourself in a new unknown city behind the wheel. It is said that billions of people “lost-driving” have contributed to gas price increase. You don’t want to be one of those, do you? Here is what you need to do. Save the planet with your phone. Drive straight and drive back. Get your mileages right. Here is how to turn your phone into a GPS for free.

Amaze, www.amazegps.com, has a an amazing free software. It turns your phone into a GPS for free. It is also very easy to install. Turn-by-turn it comes with voice-guided navigation for your mobile phone. Available for Iphone, Java, Blackberry, Android and Windows mobile. Find the free software and download it at www.amazegps.com/?language=international&referrer=6&page=download
You can download it via phone, PC or SMS.

How it works?

Step one: Type the web address to your WAP or browser. http://wap.amazegps.com.
Step two: Follow the downloading instructions on the screen.
Step three: Confirm installation and choose where to install it. It will take only 30 to 60 seconds.
Step Four: Open the new application and follow the screen instructions.

Want to explore the world in 3D? Nokia OviMaps (http://maps.ovi.com/help/ ) is free and can be used in vehicle or pedestrian mode. It will transform, in instants, your phone into a GPS.

The FREE Drive and Walk navigation with voice guidance is available at http://maps.nokia.com/services-and-apps/ovi-maps. It includes free local weather, events nearby, travel guides from Lonely Planet and Michelin. Own Voice for Ovi Maps lets you personalize the guiding voices. You can change the voice if the old one annoys you. Ovi Maps Racing is an application that will draws out your destination track for you to step on it. Providing what Nokia Ovi says to be a totally unique gaming experience, they combine map navigation with racing.

At Skobbler, www.skobbler.us, you can sign in for free. Gain easy access and save locations on your app. The Skobbler mobile phone application allows you to access the database remotely. It will guide you wherever you want to go on foot or by car.

These are just some of the many companies, and organisations offering free ways to turn your phone into a GPS. There are many new developing applications and gadgets, so never stop searching for what you are looking for. Who knows, maybe by the end of today you will find out that the spot you were looking was closer than what you thought.
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