1.EZ Tracks

A great website, which offers their users to download thousands of jazz songs for free. You only have to register and after that you can order free mp3-s from different well known jazz artists over the word to your e-mail. The mp3-s you get may not always be top quality, but mostly they are listenable. You will be guided step by step and it is very easy to use this website.


Also a very good website, from where to download different genres of mps3-s, also jazz music. You don’t even have to create an account. You can browse different artists profiles and albums, after what you are given a number of songs, which you are able to download. Usually you can’t get the whole album. The link above directs you to the jazz channel. You click on an artist, after what you will see his/her profile. On the left, you will see a menu, including “Music”. Clicking on it will show you the downloadable songs. You can download by clicking on the red “MP3” button.

3.All about jazz

On this website, you won’t find songs by artist, but they are just listed and offered to you for downloading. Basically they add one song every day. You have to make a user account, after what you can visit this website every day, and observe, which music is added that day. A good way to discover new jazz music for yourself.

– Jazz artists, who offer to download their music on their websites.

1.Bud Powell

2.Dave Latchaw

3.Gerry Mulligan

First pick an album, after what you will see a song list. The songs, which are downloadable are written in bold, underlined and have four notes behind it in different colours.

4.Guido Santoni

You click on the “Audio” button on the menu. After that you will find the orange play buttons. Click on them with your right mouse button, after what click “download”.

5.John Scofield

6.Jam Camp

Not every song is downloadable. With every song, you will find two arrows pointing to the right, but if the song is downloadable, you will also find an arrow pointing down.

7.Phil Cuneff

8.Taylor Ho Bynum

From the left you can choose whether you want to download album tracks or live recordings

9.Souljazz orchestra

10.Tom Fox

11.Art Blakey

12.Under the Big Tree

Click music, choose an album and then the song, which you want to download.

13.Reuel Lubag Jazz trio

You have to scroll down a bit, to find the audio recordings

14.Rahsaan Roland Kirk

You can choose, whether you want to download a wav or mp3 type file

15.Albert Ayler

16.Benny Carter

Not full size songs, but still about 40 seconds long.
First click on the year, when the album, should be released and after that, you will see these CD icons. Right click and download on them

17.Raleigh Jazz Orchestra

MP3-s are on the left column and videos on the right one.

18.Texarkana Jazz Orchestra

Click on the song title with right mouse button and then click download.

19.Rochester Metropolitan Jazz Orchestra

20.Kim Richmond

The tracks, which are underlined and written in blue, are downloadable

21.The Bolla Quartet

Click on the song title with right mouse button and then click download.

22.Windmill Saxophone quartet

Click on the MP3 button