Where Can You Get Free Moving Boxes

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1Check out website called Free Cardboard Boxes at www.freecardboardboxes.com. It’s a free service which provides quality used boxes for packing, moving, shipping and storage in U.S. and Canada. To get free boxes you have to register and click on tab “Get Boxes”. Post your ad and wait for someone to offer their used boxes. Or you can browse through ads that offer boxes – maybe you find someone in your area who is offering boxes. And if you’re done with your boxes, post an ad “Give Boxes” to give your boxes longer life.

2Also you may want to visit site www.hribar.com/iframe_recycle_boxes.html - this is a service that connects the parties: the ones that are done using cardboard boxes with the ones that need them for moving. It allows people to recycle moving boxes, reduce waste and preserve our precious resources. You don’t have to register, you can leave your message for free or you can read other’s ads to find free boxes offered closest to you.

3Site called FreeCycle at www.freecycle.org is a network that is devoted to recycling, including cardboard boxes. Join a group in your area and find people that offer things you need – completely for free.

4Check out major supermarkets. They often toss out cardboard boxes that they’ve shipped merchandise in and they are free for taking. If you don’t see any boxes lying around, just ask and I’m sure they will give used boxes to you gladly.

5Look around in apartment building dumpsters – you don’t have to climb into a dumpster to find perfectly good boxes. Since people move all the time, they often just put their used boxes outside for next person in need to take.

6Check office buildings or ask around at your office! Since offices need paper, new computers and stuff like that all the time, there are plenty of boxes lying around.

7You can also visit sites like Craigslist.org where under section “Free” people often offer their used boxes.

8And don’t forget to ask your friends and neighbors! They may have boxes lying around or stored in basements and garages.

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