Where to Get Free Skin Care Products

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To get free samples of Curél Life Stages moisturizers, go to www.favoriteconsumerbrands.com, enter your email address and register. To get a free sample you must be at least 18 years old and you must complete reward offers.

Looking for some free tanning lotions? Well, at www.gifthouse.us.com you can sign up for 50$ worth Coppertone and Banana Boat samples for free. To get the reward you must enter your email address and follow through the registration. Also, you must be at least 18 to enter.

Gifthouse also offers L’Oréal and Jergens moisturizing samples for free, all worth $50. Samples will be shipped to you via FedEx and you must register. Check out www.gifthouse.us.com for more details.

Stylecenter offers you $100 worth of Dove skin care products if you participate in their reward offers. NB! The offer is only available in Canada. Check out www.stylecentre.net for more details.

If you visit any European Wax Center locations for the first time, you will get free bikini line, eye brow or under arm wax. For men they are offering free eye brow, nose or ear wax. No purchase is necessary and you will have to be a state resident to the state of the location you are visiting. Check out www.waxcenter.com for more details.

To try out Resvibrant anti-wrinkle cream for free (you must pay for shipping though) enter your details in the form at www.resvibrant.com.

To try Raw Skincare for free (also, you must pay for shipping) fill out the form at raw.glow.com.

Freeze 24.7 offers also 30-day free trial of their anti-wrinkle cream. Go to secure.freeze24-7offers.com and fill out requested forms to get your free sample.

L’Bri offers free samples, including cleanser, freshener, moisturizer, eye repair gel, face & body scrub and facial masque. There’s a catch: you must pay for shipping and handling but other than that, it’s free. Go to www.lbri.com for more details.

Trouble with stretch marks? Try out Celtrixa firming cream. You must pay few dollars for shipping and handling but the cream is free and you also get a bonus gift. Check out www.tryceltrixa.com for more details.

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