Who Could Say No to a Free iPhone?

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More and more companies are giving away a free iPhone to their loyal customers. This incentive proves to be very popular, especially with the youth market, and market expansion is based on capturing the youth, as they will be the buyers of tomorrow. Trendy iPhones have become the rage in the past few years and it seems the smaller this piece of high tech equipment can be, the better.

Every fashion conscious guy or girl out there sees the iPhone as a necessity rather than a nice to have. Getting an iPhone for free seems to be the ultimate gift, but this gift also serves the giver. Branding these phones with company logos or even event information, gives the sponsor extra visibility as these gifts are shown around with pride. This indirect marketing strategy, which leads to word of mouth advertising, makes the giving of such elaborate gifts worthwhile.

The way an iPhone blends into the fashion mix of individuals opens up a world of design possibilities. Whether your iPhone is diamond encrusted or covered with a natural wood finish, it should blend in perfectly with what you are wearing. This trend has extended into variable covers coming onto the market with which you can customize your iPhone. A simple removal and replacing of covers opens up a way to express your individuality.

Getting an iPhone for free does not mean that all costs connected to usage are for free as well. Some companies offer a year long free of charge usage, but that seems to be the exception rather than the rule. Skeptics who proclaim that nothing is for free can relax knowing that at least the hardware came as a gift. Keep an eye on promotional articles from companies and you may just end up owning such a lovely gift.

Athletes at the recent IAAF Athletics world championships were surprised to find free iPhones in their gift bags. These bags are also referred to as 'goodie ' bags as they are filled with promotional gifts from various sponsors. The fact that many athletes wore the iPhone gifts on camera, gave the sponsors well-deserved exposure to a worldwide television audience of 150 million people. What a clever way to get your product noticed.

Nearly everything I own is a freebie, this laptop, my xBox, Wii, iPhone, my HDTV, yup, all of it!
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