Community Guidelines is a site to find instructions on how to do or get different kind of things for free. In addition for finding how to do/get things for free, our site offers you ability to share your own ideas with others. Like any other community, we have set rules that must be followed by all members.
If you post an article to you must follow our Community Guidelines and Terms of Use.

Do Will do it depends on each member to help keep it fun and helpful place for everyone.

Share your ideas with others, but be sincere

We encourage to share your ideas how to get something for free with others! But post with purpose - to inspire and assist.

Categorize your articles correctly
Placing your answers in the right category ensures that it is found by other site users and visitors.

Lead by example
Use the report abuse function to alert us about inappropriate content or members, it helps us to detect and remove abuse more quickly.

Don't Not doing it
Members who have violated the Community Guidelines and/or Terms of Use are at risk for possible termination of their accounts.

Exploiting the site
This is not an advertising platform for your products. Articles written to hawk a product will be deleted as advertising. It's allowed to link to your or to another website or blog to offer more information. However, it is not allowed to post links that are unrelated to the topic and content or are clearly meant only to solicit others for personal and financial gain.

Misusing the site
Don't create multiple accounts to cheat our site's Community Guidelines or Terms of Use. Don't post content that are incomprehensible and don't post the same request and/or content over and over again.

Behaving maliciously

Don't post links to sites that contain viruses or malicious programs or might harm your software and/or hardware by any other way.

Adult content or obscene
Any articles can be spotted by kids too. Don't create content which would be reasonably classified as "adult" and restricted accordingly (such as pornography or graphic violence). As well sexually explicit and vulgar language are not welcome on the site. Also not welcome are rudeness, insults and generally objectionable speech.

Violating the law
Don't post anything that violates the laws of your country, state, province or city. Don't try to affect people into sharing their personal information, don't threaten, harass, impersonate or hurt others, and don't invade other people's privacy.
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