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Easy to apply by hand on wet or dry leather Water-Protecting Skin Wax restores strong water instability (DWR), essential for dry feet in the rainy season.Waterproofing the leather improves the performance of the shoe, while increasing the useful life. Leather boots and shoes keep breathing, preventing the feet from feeling protected and will reduce pain scores. Be-based-water, safe for you and the environment because it does not contain harmful chemicals or PFCs. It works there, so you can use it even while walking.Designed for use on shoes made of leather or classic leather or natural or synthetic leather and smeared with oil / wax, leather waterproof wax will not lighten the material or damage the surface. It replenishes the cleansing agents that keep the leather hydrated and will help you maintain the footing you need when walking shoes.You can go out in the rain this season with dry and comfortable feet!

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