RSS readers let you follow blogs, websites and news very efficiently. If you don’t know what a RSS reader is, you can learn about it here:

1.Google Reader ( ) is one of the best RSS readers. It is browser-based and you can use it in online or in offline mode. You can also share, stare and “like” different posts and you can also organize your feeds.
2.FeedReader ( ) offers advanced capabilities, including the most comprehensive podcasting support, as well as unique smartfeed technology. Feedreader provides users with a seamless and convenient experience – without the need for advanced technical knowledge – by delivering the broadest range of features through a simple, easy-to-use interface.
3.Bloglines ( ) lets you stay plugged in into the world of blogs and news. It’s efficient, simple and very easy to use.
4.RSS Bandit ( ) is an open source RSS reader which looks like Outlook but is far better and has tons of extra features for all your RSS needs.
5.QuickRSS ( ) is a very simple tool to help make reading news easy. It lists all your favorite news websites, and the top stories from them. You can also sort news sites by group to make browsing quick and easy. QuickRSS is fully customizable.
6.ThinFeeder ( ) is very small Java-based RSS reader. It has a few goals that wants to make the reading news experience the most pleasant possible. Goals include skin support, multi-language support and anti-aliasing support on any OS.
7.RSSOwl ( ) is a RSS reader with lots of features and it will fill all your needs regarding a RSS reader.
8.Awasu ( ) is a state-of-the-art feed reader that comes loaded with features for both casual personal use and professional, high-powered information management. Awasu offers power and flexibility and comes with, for example, fully customizable user interface, individually configurable channels and content archiving.
9.Netvibes ( ) is just not a web based RSS reader; it looks more like My Yahoo or personalized Google homepage. It has weather, news, blogs, to-do-lists and more, all along with basic RSS reading features.
10.SharpReader ( ) is very simplistic RSS reader. It is not web based but it has lot of nice features like group categorizing, threading connected items and Feedster integration.