I know I wanted to write about something today… and I know it was supposed to be quite interesting… oh wait!! Who am I??? What am I doing here??

Well, I’m sure your memory did not reach this kind of level of…disintegration, but I also know that sometimes we all need a little help to boost our brainpower.

One technique I have been using for a while and I would like to share with you is called the “memory palace”. It is also known as the “method of loci”, and I normally use it when I try to organize rather large sets of information or longer lists.

Below you can find it summarized in 10 steps:

1.Pick a place you know very well in detail. It can be your house, the school, your neighborhood, your office, your favorite cafeteria, the library.
2.Start visualizing the place you picked in as much detail as you can. How does it all fit together? How tall are the walls? What color are they? And the carpets? What is their color, material they are made from? What can you see inside the closets? Under the beds?
3.Now imagine a path through the place of choice and visualize yourself walking on it.
4.Observe the first thing along this path that catches your eye, and then a second thing, a third one, forth, and so on.
5.Now start writing down the list of these items that caught your attention. Or if it is easier for you, say their name out loud in order to help you remember them.
6.Now, write down the list of items/information you need to memorize (for a test, for a shopping list, for your “black list”, whatever satisfies you!)
7.In your mind, start associating each of the items from your first list with one item on your second list. For example, if you will want to remember the names of three American presidents and also the order in which they took office, first assign the name of the first one to the item you first see when you enter the place, than the second president to the second thing you see, and so on and so forth.
8.What you need to do to make these associations stick is to do it in a way that would be funny, memorable, and catchy… therefore: difficult to forget! For example, imagine George Washington in a form of a mermaid and place him in the bathtub. Dress Abraham Lincoln like a rapper and place him on the toilet seat… be as creative and crazy as you can… you will enjoy the process more!
9.After you have made all your associations, visualize yourself walking along that path again. Make a pause at each of the items you want to memorize. Look closely at what you see because each of the presidents should be there, in the right order, waving their… tails at you.
10.In order to better remember everything, “walk through” the path several times throughout the day, thus visiting each of your memorable sites…

Have fun remembering!!!